12 things to know about the 2022 World Games

Fans from all across the world are eagerly waiting to experience one of the greatest sporting events of the year, the Birmingham 2022 World Games. It is after a couple of months, that athletes from different nations will participate in the competition to win the prestigious World Games trophy.

World Games 2022 Facts
World Games 2022 Facts

It will be a 10-day sports program, where the games made their official debut in 1981 in the United States. Here in this article, we have covered 12 things to know about the 2022 World Games, which most of our readers might be unaware of.

1. How much will the World Game Cost?
The World Games Committee has set a budget for the world Games of $48 million. Initially, the Birmingham Organizing Committee had a budget of $75 million, which was later cut down to $48 million.

2. The World Games Mascot & Theme Song
One of the main attractions of the World Games is its Mascot and special Theme Song. Vulcan and Vesta is the official 2022 Birmingham’s World Games Mascot. One World- One People is the official Theme Song.

3. How did Birmingham get the World Games?
Lima, Russia, Peru, and Ufa send the presentations and bid to host the World Games to the World Games Official. However this time Birmingham finally got a chance to host the 2022 World Games.

4. Number of Athletes to compete in the World Games?
It is expected that more than 100 countries will participate in the upcoming 2022 World Games and around 3600 athletes will represent the participating nation.

5. Where will the athletes stay?
A huge number of athletes will be a part of this important event and therefore it is a question of their accommodation in the host city. These times, they won’t be staying in the hotels and will be staying in dorms at Birmingham-Southern College and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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6. What Sports will be played at the World Games?
The World Games 2022 will have 30 sports programs selected by the IWGA, Birmingham, and also they can select additional five invitational sports comprising lacrosse, duathlon, and wheelchair rugby.

7. How much money is the city of Birmingham contributing?
It is one of the big events for the hosting city, where the city of Birmingham has promised to contribute $3.5 million to be paid in $500,000 of seven increments.

8. Get a sneak peek of the World Games in 2022
The organizers of the World Games have organized a test event to ensure the smooth functioning of the proper infrastructure and planning needed to handle the event. Lacrosse, kickboxing, and powerlifting are included in the test events.

9. What’s the public safety plan?
The host city of World Cup Birmingham is well prepared and will adhere to public safety plans in association with federal law enforcement to ensure that the games are conducted safely for all spectators and athletes.

10. How many people are expected to come & where will they stay?
It is after a gap of two years of lockdown, that sports enthusiasts will flock to attend the 2022 Games and the figure is expected to be around 100,000. Spectators, trainers, visiting media, service providers, and VIP guests will be stationed at hotel rooms reserved by World Games.

11. Transportation in the World Games?
Transportation service will be available from certain hotels and venues and will be free for everyone which will be created with partners like Birmingham Southern College, UAB, and the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority.

12. Events beyond sports
Attendees and spectators can enjoy other non-sporting events along with the World Games, the one most popular will be the nightly festival at Railroad Park. It will be a dazzling event consisting of live music, sports demonstrations, drinks, food, and a lot more entertaining stuff.

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